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Das Mädchen krabbelt durch den roten Motoriktunnel.At the beginning of 2021, we converted our Early Intervention and Therapy Center de Clercq into the legal form of a GmbH to secure the company’s future and maintain its strategical expansion.

We have constantly extended our expertise for you and show our commitment as a highly qualified and motivated team with various specialists in curative education, therapy and medicine for the interests of children and adolescents with developmental vulnerability, developmental delays or disabilities and now for adults as well.

After 9 years of successful early intervention work
  • with a move to our new spacious and bright rooms in the Flachsland
  • with the introduction and implementation of the new Federal Participation Act
  • with the fight against and the consequences of the shortage of skilled professionals in the field of educational and medical work
  • with the expansion and further qualification of our offer
  • with our comprehensive networking with all important specialist institutions in Hamburg
  • and most recently with the prevention of infection with the coronavirus and the introduction of additional hygienic measures and emergency plans

we have decided to present you our new homepage.

  • Interdisciplinary and curative early childhood intervention for children between 0-6 years
  • Curative education and socio-educational offers for school children
  • Integrative learning therapy: Dyslexia (reading-spelling weakness) and arithmetic weakness (dyscalculia)
  • Systemic therapy and art therapy
  • Consulting and diagnostics
  • Speech therapy and physiotherapy for children and adolescents
  • Speech therapy for adults
  • Changing courses and group offers

The early intervention and therapy centre is home to curative educators, early childhood educators, art therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, ergotherapists and a paediatrician. We treat in our rooms, in the kindergarten, in the family or with our cooperation partners in their practices.
If you are concerned about the development of your child, you can contact us for a non-binding initial consultation.

  • Curative educational play therapy
  • Curative education exercise treatment
  • Basal Stimulation
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Psychomotor skill development
  • Physiotherapy treatment according to Bobath
  • Speech therapy treatments of all disorders
  • Ergotherapy treatment of all disorders
  • Orofacial Regulation Therapy according to Castillo Morales
  • Supported communication
  • Art therapy
  • Systemic counseling and therapy
  • Dyslexia and dyscalculia therapy
  • Standardized test procedures and diagnostics
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